Welcome to Dignified Dispute Resolution (DDR), where conflicts are not just resolved, but transformed into chances for growth and comprehension. At DDR, we go beyond traditional mediators; we are creators of dignified resolutions, driven to revolutionise the way disputes are handled through a trauma-informed lens. Our unyielding adherence to ethical standards, a team of experienced professionals, and customised mediation methods serve as the pillars of our mission for trauma-informed conflict resolution. Come venture with us on a transformative path, where conflicts are approached with respect, resolved with integrity, and every mediation session takes us closer to healing and a harmonious future.

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Upcoming course dates:

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16 August 2024

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A full day (7 hour) deep interactive in-person workshop on trauma-informed mediation (TIM)

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A full day (7 hour) deep interactive online workshop on trauma-informed mediation (TIM)

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A deep interactive online workshop on trauma-informed mediation over 5 weeks

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Our core mission and vision

Educate. Empower. Support.

Educate, empower & support

At DDR, we don’t just offer traditional mediation services. We believe in a transformative experience, one that educates and empowers our clients. Our nationwide panel is committed to providing comprehensive support, carefully navigating the complexities of conflict resolution. We aim to foster understanding and encourage our clients to take an active role in shaping their own dignified resolutions.

Dignified & ethical mediation

DDR firmly believes that ethical conduct is the cornerstone of successful mediation. All our mediators adhere to a strict code of ethics, emphasising transparency, neutrality, and fairness. Our commitment to ethical mediation extends beyond the resolution of disputes—it becomes a promise to our clients that their concerns will be handled with the utmost dignity and respect.

Young mediators’ mentorship

At Dignified Dispute Resolution (DDR), we believe in nurturing the next generation of mediators. Our Young Mediators’ Mentorship Program invites newly qualified mediators to join experienced professionals during mediations, offering a unique opportunity for hands-on learning and growth—all in alignment with DDR’s unwavering commitment to ethical conduct and the highest standards of mediation practice.

DDR Services throughout South Africa

We do not just resolve disputes; we solve problems.

Family law disputes

Family mediation is an organized approach to conflict resolution, involving a mediator who acts as an impartial mediator to facilitate communication and negotiation among family members. This process proves especially beneficial in situations such as divorce or separation, as it helps lessen the emotional and financial burden. By encouraging open and honest dialogue, the mediator guides individuals towards reaching comprehensive and long-lasting agreements. Through family mediation, matters like child care, visitation schedules, and financial arrangements can be addressed in a collaborative manner, providing a viable alternative to lengthy and contentious courtroom proceedings. Prioritizing the dynamics within the family, this approach proves to be a highly effective and practical means of resolving disputes in a respectful and timely manner.  Read more…

Divorce settlement disputes

Divorce settlement mediation offers couples a highly effective way to address the complexities of marriage dissolution. With the help of a skilled mediator, couples can navigate sensitive matters such as dividing assets, determining spousal and child support, and creating a plan for child care. The collaborative nature of this process minimizes animosity and promotes a positive atmosphere for resolving differences. Moreover, it provides a swift and cost-efficient alternative to lengthy court battles. By fostering open communication, couples are able to express their concerns and preferences, leading to a mutually beneficial outcome. This approach avoids the combative nature of traditional court proceedings, offering a dignified and practical solution for divorce challenges and promoting a more peaceful post-divorce future. Read more…

Parenting plan disputes

Parenting plan mediation is an invaluable resource in the realm of family law, aiding in the navigation of co-parenting arrangements following a divorce. Through the guidance of a skilled mediator, parents are able to engage in meaningful discussions aimed at crafting a comprehensive parenting plan. This plan will address crucial details such as primary care, visitation schedules, and decision-making responsibilities for their children. Not only does this approach prioritize amicable co-parenting, but it also avoids the need for costly and often lengthy litigation proceedings. By constantly adapting to the evolving needs of growing children, parenting plan mediation allows for a personalized approach that takes into account the unique dynamics of each family. Emphasizing open communication and a focus on the well-being of children, this method fosters clarity and sensitivity in parental responsibilities, ultimately creating a strong and resilient family unit.

Real estate/property disputes

Real estate mediation is a specialized type of negotiation where a neutral third party assists in resolving conflicts between buyers, sellers, landlords, or tenants. This approach is used as a successful alternative to lengthy and expensive litigation. It’s especially beneficial for urgent transactions or situations where maintaining positive relationships between the involved parties is crucial. Through promoting open communication and enabling innovative solutions, real estate mediation not only resolves disputes quickly but also ensures that all aspects of the issue are thoroughly addressed. This effectively protects the interests of all those involved. Read more…

Civil rights (LGBTQ+) disputes

LTGBQ+ mediation is a specialized method used to resolve conflicts within the LGBTQ+ community, involving a skilled facilitator who guides dialogues on issues like relationship dissolution, family dynamics, and workplace conflicts. This approach is crucial in addressing unique challenges faced by this community, as conventional dispute resolution mechanisms may not fully understand their unique needs. LTGBQ+ mediation fosters understanding, inclusivity, and navigates identity-specific issues, ensuring the diverse needs and concerns of the LGBTQ+ community are acknowledged and addressed respectfully. This approach promotes equality and affirms the dignity of all parties involved, contributing to a more harmonious social landscape. Read more…

Estate / trusts disputes

Deceased estate and trusts mediation is an essential tool for navigating the complex legal web that often surrounds the passing of individuals with trusts. This specialized form of mediation involves a neutral third party who guides discussions between heirs, beneficiaries, and trustees to resolve conflicts related to inheritance, asset distribution, or trust administration. When family or legal disagreements arise due to the intricate details of a deceased person’s estate, this mediation process offers a strategic alternative to the contentious nature of probate court. By promoting open communication and providing a personalized forum for resolving issues within trusts and estates, this mediation upholds the dignity and efficiency necessary in such sensitive matters. Read more…

Insurance disputes

Insurance mediation plays a pivotal role in resolving conflicts between policyholders and insurance providers. With the help of a knowledgeable mediator, discussions are guided to effectively address disagreements regarding claims, coverage, and policy interpretations. This method is particularly beneficial when the typical claims procedure falls short, providing a prompt and cost-efficient substitution for lengthy legal battles. By ensuring equitable treatment for policyholders and expediting the resolution of intricate matters for insurers, insurance mediation promotes open communication and fair negotiation. Ultimately, this preserves financial resources and fosters stronger relationships between policyholders and insurers, leading to a more streamlined, equitable, and harmonious insurance industry. Read more…

Environmental disputes

Environmental mediation is a powerful tool for resolving conflicts in environmental management, ranging from land use disputes to pollution and resource allocation challenges. This method brings together various stakeholders, including government bodies, corporations, community groups, and environmental advocates, to engage in productive discussions and negotiations. It plays a critical role when traditional regulatory approaches fall short in addressing complex environmental problems. By facilitating open communication and consensus-building, environmental mediation enables the development of sustainable solutions. Additionally, it strives to balance competing interests, consider diverse viewpoints, and promote responsible stewardship of natural resources for both current and future generations. Read more…

Business/commercial disputes

Business and commercial mediation has become increasingly commonplace in the resolution of corporate conflicts, such as those involving contracts, partnerships, or breaches of business agreements. This method provides a structured, economical, and confidential alternative, promoting constructive communication and negotiation. It is particularly crucial in maintaining ongoing business relationships, enabling parties to develop customized solutions that align with their needs and goals. With a focus on collaboration and creative problem-solving, business and commercial mediation protects financial interests and essential partnerships, ultimately driving success in a constantly evolving and competitive market. Read more…

Sectional title disputes

One of the most important tools for settling disputes between cohabitants in jointly governed areas such as housing estates, apartment buildings, or apartment buildings is sectional title and communal living mediation. This mediation technique tackles problems that jeopardize the peaceful coexistence of stakeholders, such as disputes over common areas, maintenance issues, and management disputes. It provides a cooperative avenue for parties to hold open discussions and come up with solutions that meet the various needs of the community. This mediation process guarantees that shared living spaces flourish through mutual understanding and specially tailored agreements, working towards a cohesive and agreeable environment for all residents, by placing an emphasis on cooperation and workable solutions. Read more…

Franchise disputes

To effectively address conflicts that may arise in business partnerships between franchisors and franchisees, the use of franchise dispute mediation is paramount. This specialized form of mediation is employed when disagreements arise regarding operational intricacies, contractual obligations, or geographical discrepancies that could potentially harm the stability and success of the franchise agreement. It serves as a strategic alternative to costly and prolonged court battles, providing a confidential and controlled setting where an impartial third party facilitates productive dialogue and resolution. Particularly when the primary focus is safeguarding the longevity of the franchise, franchise dispute mediation enables all parties to collaborate and find mutually beneficial solutions. Read more…

Employment / workplace disputes

Utilized in cases of employee-manager conflicts or issues of discrimination and harassment, employment and workplace mediation is a highly specialized technique for resolving workplace disputes. Through a confidential and well-structured platform, it encourages open dialogue and negotiation, effectively fostering a cooperative environment. Its primary objective is to address sensitive issues such as unfair dismissals, workplace disagreements, and grievances, ultimately promoting employee satisfaction, productivity, and organizational unity. With its emphasis on collaborative problem-solving and tailored solutions, this mediation method prioritizes effective conflict resolution and creates a positive professional atmosphere, setting the foundation for long-term success. Read more…

Financial disputes

Financial dispute mediation is a strategic approach used to resolve financial disputes between individuals, businesses, or financial institutions. It offers a confidential, structured platform for dialogue and negotiation, facilitated by a neutral third party. This method is used to address various financial conflicts, from contractual disputes to complex investment disagreements, aiming to preserve financial stability, minimize losses, and safeguard relationships. By emphasizing transparency and tailor-made solutions, financial dispute mediation ensures a swift and pragmatic resolution, contributing to the overall financial health and stability of the parties involved. Read more…

Neighbour disputes

In residential communities where tensions rise over amenities, property lines, or noise complaints, a highly specialized technique called neighbor dispute mediation is crucial. This approach provides a structured, private process that allows for candid discussions and compromises in a neutral environment. When traditional conflict resolution methods prove ineffective or risk further division within the community, this invaluable resource steps in. Its primary goals are to effectively resolve current disputes and restore cohesion among neighbors, all in the pursuit of a harmonious living environment. With its proven success in resolving issues surrounding shared areas, noise disruptions, and territorial boundaries, neighbor dispute mediation stands as a vital tool in promoting peace and unity within residential communities. Read more…

Construction & renovation disputes

When it comes to construction projects, mediation plays a crucial role in resolving conflicts among contractors, subcontractors, and property owners. It serves as a valuable tool in addressing issues such as poor workmanship, delays, and excess costs. By providing a collaborative and confidential platform for open discussions and negotiations, this method of mediation encourages a cooperative environment. It covers a wide range of topics, from disputes over contracts to changes in design, ensuring that projects are completed while maintaining professional relationships. With an emphasis on effective communication and practical solutions, mediation offers a speedy and effective resolution to conflicts, contributing to the overall success and quality of a project. Read more…

Care / contact disputes

Mediation for custody and visitation rights is a vital component in family law, serving as a crucial tool for navigating complex conflicts surrounding child care and contact. When parents are facing the challenges of divorce or separation and seeking a collaborative, child-centric solution, mediation plays a vital role. Facilitated by a neutral third party, this structured and confidential process fosters open communication and exchange of considerate perspectives. Topics such as childcare, education, decision-making authority, and visitation schedules are thoughtfully addressed in this method, leading to a comprehensive and individualized resolution for families. By minimizing emotional strain and prioritizing the well-being of the children, this mediation approach paves the way for healthy co-parenting. Read more…

School / bullying disputes

Bullying in educational and workplace settings can significantly impact productivity, culture, and individual well-being. That’s where specialized strategies like school and workplace bullying mediation come in. In situations where traditional discipline falls short and a compassionate and effective solution is necessary, this approach is crucial. It not only addresses immediate issues, but also aims to prevent future occurrences through creating a supportive environment. With the help of an unbiased third party, this mediation involves empathetic negotiations and open communication, covering topics such as resolving conflicts, tackling harassment, and promoting an inclusive atmosphere. By emphasizing communication, fostering empathy, and devising proactive solutions, this mediation ensures a guaranteed resolution for all. Read more…

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